History & Education Maps

Creating maps for classroom use.

Creating highly detailed and accurate maps requires a great deal of technical skill. Historical research, however, is even more important to the process. We collaborate with historians and scholars to ensure that the message is an accurate representation of historic events.

The United States, 1861

The Thirteen Colonies
Population Density, 1775

The United States
Westward Expansion, 1815–1845

The United States
Indian Wars, 1865-1890

United States, The Civil War, 1861-1865

France, 1918

Restoration and digitalization

Europe 1792 & 1815

North America
before 1754 & after 1763

The American War of Independence, The Caribbean Theater, 1776-1783

Luzon, the Philippines, 1776-1783

The Korean Air War, 1951-1953

Decline of the Ottoman Empire, 1807-1823

Iraq-Iran War, 1980-1988